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Canon change: When Michael destroyed Anna's vessel, she was sent back to Heaven where she had strict orders to keep a low profile. While on Earth on duty, Anna's Grace was forcedly ripped off her and she became human again. As it was more traumatic this time, she has no recollection of angels nor meeting the Winchesters before the Apocalypse. She currently works as a journalist.

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Compulsive Trouble 


Bree enjoyed flitting through dreams at night, manifesting herself as her natural red fox form. Most of the time she helped people make sense of themselves, other times she was a wickedly cruel creature. It really depended on what she felt like doing.

The night previous, Bree had trotted through the dreams of a young woman. It was one of those dreams she realized that the woman wouldn’t realize come morning and it seemed quite important. She sat in a darkened corner of the apartment, invisible to all eyes. Should she appear for even the briefest flicker one would see a sleak red fox with five tails and her ‘Hoshi no Tama’ (as humans called it) glowing with fox fire.

But she didn’t come visible for the duration of her work, or she tried not to. Sometimes she got distracted. The redheaded girl needed to see her tree.

Breelyn had found the woman reading a book and she spun her illusion. An immense tree with the appearance of being hundreds of years old and incredibly healthy. It had been three days since she gave Anna this vision, letting her feel the bark of the tree and the soil under her feet. It was easy to give nature visions, much harder to give violent ones (though she did enjoy causing people to squeal and hide).

The fox projected herself beneath the tree, watching in silence with her five tails curled around her paws. Sometimes humans freaked out seeing her presence while other times they felt her as a guiding spirit. Either way, Breelyn enjoyed causing trouble and for some reason this seemed like an important trick to play.

Anna had been on her bedroom all day. After the encounter with Sebastian and her secretly going to John’s clinic, she tried not to call much of Jim’s nor Sebastian’s attention. Whatever they have to resolve, it was not of her interested to get in the way. Except for a couple of times Jim called her in the morning, the flat had been quiet for the rest of the day. She assumed Moriarty had left for business.

She was sitting on her armchair, reading an old book - actually, it was a small notebook with things she had written and drawn, mostly things she still did not make sense of. There were strange symbols, some would repeat themselves, others were similar to others. Made up languages, in her head. Real languages, in reality. None from Earth.

While flipping a page, she noticed a complete change on the surroundings. The smell of nature filled the room, she felt the grass under her feet. She kept her eyes on the book at first, a bit afraid of looking up. It was only when the shadow of a familiar tree covered her that she set the book aside.

It was her tree. Hers. Why was it hers? She didn’t know. It felt like it was. But it made no sense. She looked around the room, trying to find something that would explain this. She wondered if Jim had anything to do with this, but how would he do that? She shook her head. It didn’t matter. If Jim knew she had seen John Watson, he would be upset.This? This seemed nice.

So she decided to enjoy whatever was happening before things went wrong again. She stood up, feeling its bark, picking up a few leafs and smelling them. The breeze blew through her hair and for a moment, she had forgotten she was still on her flat. Until she finally noticed someone else was also there. A fox, a different fox. Anna looked at it curiously.

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Local clinic visit 

Once Anna is sure that nobody else is at the flat anymore, she puts on a scarf and her blue coat and walks a few blocks before calling a cab. It’s late at night to be off by herself, but she felt that catching a ride right on her street would be too obvious. If Moriarty were to know, well, at least she wouldn’t make things so evident.

When she gets to the clinic, a nurse hands her a form to fill out. Anna stares at the blank form for a while, calling the nurse’s attention. So many questions she didn’t know how to answer. Address, phone number, emergency contact. Felt like it would take forever. She just needed to get out of there, of the waiting room. Too many strangers, Lord knows who they work for. The attending nurse asks her if she is alright.

"Yes. I’m fine.” She leaves the fill in form on the counter, leaning closer to the other woman. “Doctor Watson is in tonight, isn’t he? I’d rather talk to him, you see?” The nurse takes the pen and taps it on the paper in front of Anna. “Fill in, first. If he’s available, then we’ll see.”

Sometimes they come back. 


Sebastian took a step back as she got closer. Again, those primal, feral urges screamed all screamed to finish what he had started. But he knew better. Watching Jim carefully, he was able to determine that Jim knew very much what he wanted to do. But he was testing him. Torturing Moran was a better word. He missed that man and all he did. Those completely out of the blue things, even the irritating ones. But he was Jim’s plaything, subject to his madness. He had grown complacent for the job. Like he was going to let himself be replaced. 

“Forgiven, I suppose.” He said with a bit of a wave from his hand. That pent of rage would have to wait until ‘daddy’ wasn’t watching. “Last time I checked, you didn’t do anything wrong.” He added. With that Sebastian backed off and went into the kitchen. Cracking his neck he grabbed a few cups from the cupboard. Jim would want tea, this girl, who was American by her accent, would maybe want coffee? And Sebastian was planning on having something a little more alcoholic.

Anna says a quiet prayer when Sebastian left to the kitchen. It was much better when he didn’t know about her, but now that he did, it was even more terrifying. Especially when both him and Jim were under the same roof.

Her head was pounding again. Not only from being strangled, but everything she felt, heard and saw before passing out. She wanted to go to her room, lock herself there and fill all the walls with every single one of those crazy sigils she had in her mind. Moriarty told her they were useless, but there wasn’t much she could do. She rubbed her forehead then looked pleadingly at James.

"May I go to my room? Please?”

He remains quiet for a moment, just to make her uncomfortable. Then he finally makes a dismissing signal. Anna walks out of the sitting room slowly, but once she is out, he can hear her rushing to her bedroom and the door shutting down behind her.

Sometimes they come back. 


James frowns, as if he hadn’t heard a word she had spoken. “Annie dear! Where are your manners?” He makes a signal for her to stand up then motions to Sebastian. He walks behind her, leading her by her shoulders until she is uncomfortably close to Moran. He leans against her ear, while looking at Sebastian’s.

“Go on, now. Loud and clear.”


When Anna notices that Jim is pushing her towards Sebastian, her heartbeat starts going insane again and she just stumps, making him have to force her into walking. She couldn’t look at any of them. She was terrified because she still remembered all these unnatural things she saw before collapsing. There was so much anger around, she expected him to simply grab her again and finish what he had started.

When Moriarty asks her to apologize, she doesn’t answer right away. He digs his fingernails into her skin, not very deeply but just enough to cause pain. She takes a deep breath and looks up at Sebastian, trying to speak with a steady voice but failing terrible.

"I. I am sorry."

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Sometimes they come back. 


Sebastian opened his mouth to speak but nodded, going back over to where the girl lay. He was taller, and physically a lot stronger than Jim. But Jim was his boss, and what ever he said went. He picked the redhead up and put her on the couch, his couch. He was irritated again. His first time seeing Jim again, interrupted by a stupid guest who couldn’t even defend herself. He felt defeated. Like no matter what he did to redeem himself, Jim would only notice the bad. Even if he had waited a decade or two, this all would have been the same. 


The lights of the flat start flickering when Anna wakes up. She sits up abruptly, gasping for air. She’s not completely healed, but clearly much better than she should be. Instinctively, she moves away from Sebastian but still avoids looking at Moriarty. She can feel his gaze over her and she knows what he means. Partly because they had gone through this before, partly because she could hear his voice in her head. You know why this happened, don’t you? Unfortunately, she had started believing long ago that every time things like that occurred, they were always her fault. Not Sebastian’s. Not James’. Hers.

Noticing his gaze lingers, she finally adds but doesn’t look into his eyes. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have interrupted.”

Sometimes they come back. 


Sebastian’s eyes flicked back over to Jim one final time. Seeing him comfortable and situated. Like he wasn’t going to move no matter what Sebastian did next. Which was a relief.  In the next few moments, which seemed to escape Sebastian’s recollection, he had gone from leaning back on his heels a bit uneasy to strangling that damned redhead on the floor. Everything seemed too slow, his breathing too calm and relaxed. His heart beat in his ears drowned out all other sounds, the world not mattering right now. And that little smirk crept onto his face. as his grip tightened. He could snap her thin little neck. He could squeeze until her eyed bugged and that lovely pop sounded. No… Not to hasty, suffocating was much better. What she deserved. Deserved for stealing the one thing he had in life. He hadn’t killed someone like this in a few years. Except that time Sebastian had thrust his thumbs into the man’s eyes.

In the blink of a eye, Anna found herself on the floor with Sebastian on top of her. She was so tiny, especially in comparison to him. As she started lacking oxygen, things she had blocked previously came back for a few seconds. She saw there was something off about Sebastian, she sensed demons had been in that room. A painful flow of information came in her head. It took longer for her to lose consciousness, there was still something angelic inside of her so she was a bit stronger than a normal human of her size.

Sometimes they come back. 



Every fiber of his being screamed. He wanted to cry, he wanted to scream, he wanted to run over and pull his old boss in and growl in his ear about what would happen if he ever left again. But… All those emotions meant nothing. He just stood there. In awe, or perhaps horror. Painfully aware of how happy and sad he was. He couldn’t tell these parallels apart at the moment. The black bag fell to the floor with a heavy thug, the disassembled rifle, no doubt.
He took a step forward before pausing.
“You… You’re alive.”
But Sebastian Moran was dragged from the surge of thoughts and emotions by a more unfamiliar scent. He sniffed the air, glancing about. Some one else was here too.

Before Sebastian’s bag hit the floor, Anna already knew they had a visitor. Slowly walking towards the door, something inside her told her that was Sebastian. The Sebastian Moran. The angel stood by the door frame. She searched for Moriarty’s eyes, expecting him to tell her if she should stay or leave. But he just kept sitting there on his chair, watching her then Sebastian, then back at her.

Jim had always told her to leave them alone, even three years ago. Then after his “death”, he told her to be careful about when he came to the flat. It had been at least four weeks since he last went there, for some reason, she expected him to come at least a few weeks afterwards. From the look on his face, it seemed like he hadn’t noticed her presence on his last visit.

Anna looked down. If this was one Jim’s tests for her, she had certainly failed. But he didn’t seem angry, unlike Sebastian. She was obviously nervous, trying to figure out what to do. Noticing one of the curtains was half open, she decided to shut them, walking in front of Sebastian on her way.